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Cabinet Painting

Instead of replacing your wood kitchen cabinets (which can get quite expensive), why not paint them?
Painting kitchen cabinets can give your old kitchen a new look. At 518 Painters, we are professional interior painters. We have been painting wood kitchen cabinets and even laminate kitchen cabinets in Albany, NY, for many years now with great success. The key to painting kitchen cabinets correctly is all in the prep! If your foundation is not solid, the topcoat will fail! Therefore, whenever we paint cabinets in Albany NY we make sure we stick to our tried and true process.

1. we clean the surfaces of all grease and grime.

2. we de-gloss the surface so that the bonding primer can adhere.

3. We prime the surfaces with the appropriate primer depending on the wood or laminate

4. We apply anywhere from 2-4 topcoats of Benjamin Moore Advance paint

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Albany NY

Every cabinet painting Job starts off with us covering and masking off the work area.

We make sure we cover everything that is exposed and can potentially get unwanted paint on it.

This includes masking and taping countertops, kitchen appliances, sinks, floors and so on.
After everything is covered and protected it is time to remove all hardware, doors, and drawers.

Then it is time to start prepping the surface for priming.

We use an M1 liquid de-glosser, which removes grease and grime and de-glosses the surface without having to sand.

Once the surface is dry, we can proceed with priming.

Depending on the type of wood, we will choose the best primer suited for the job.

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Our Unique Approach

We approach each cabinet painting job differently.

There are several options. You can brush and roll or spray your cabinets.

It is up to the customer what option they prefer.

Obviously, a spray finish is a finer finish but entails more prep.

If you have grainy wood such as oak cabinets, we suggest brushing and rolling.

By using a 3/8-inch microfiber roller, we are able to fill the grain a bit more than when spraying.

Keep in mind that the grain will still be visible in most cases.

Unless we use a grain filler such as Bondo.

This, however, will add on additional sanding and priming and additional cost. 99% of our customers skip that option and are happy with the slightly grainy look.

When painting laminate kitchen cabinets we usually spray them 90% of the time.

Prep Is Key When Painting Cabinets

We get called to customers’ homes quite frequently that had their cabinets painted by other interior painting contractors.

Now the paint is peeling off and exposing the wood. 

That is caused by improper prep. It is important to know that de-glossing and priming are a must!

A quality paint job will last you quite a few years if done right.

So even if you decide to choose a different painting contractor to paint your cabinets make sure you understand the process before committing.

At 518 Painters in Albany NY, we go over every project in detail with our customers before painting kitchen cabinets.

We try to educate our customers and answer any questions.

If you want to learn more about the process of painting kitchen cabinets, click here.

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First coat of adhesion primer

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Second coat Hi-build primer

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2 topcoats of  Waterborne Urethane Acrylic paint

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