Gray Kitchen Cabinets Paint Ideas That Look Amazing

Are you thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets gray but don’t know what the most popular gray paint colors are? No problem, I got you covered!

Here is a short video of the most popular colors that customers chose this year.

What Are The Best Sherwin Williams Grays For Cabinets?

These are the most requested grays that our customers requested this year. 

Although these are Sherwin Williams colors, they can easily be matched by Benjamin Moore or any paint Supplier of your choice.

  • SW-9162 African Gray
  • SW-6253 Olympus White
  • SW-6255 Morning Fog
  • SW-7069 Iron Ore
  • SW-7076 Cyberspace
  • SW-7073 Network Gray
  • SW-7066 Gray Matters
  • SW-7076 Cityscape
  • SW-7072 Online
  • SW-7075 Web Gray
  • SW-7076 Passive

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This ultimate guide to painting kitchen cabinets has everything you need to know about the process, materials, and determining what type of cabinets you have!


Gray is a popular color for kitchen cabinets because it’s neutral and will work in a variety of settings.

It also makes the best accent color for kitchens that already have a lot of wood. Here are some popular gray colors for kitchen cabinets, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

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Light Gray

Light gray cabinets are easy to clean and can be paired with almost any color.

However, they tend to look dated and sterile.

light gray kitchen cabinet colors

Dark Gray

Dark gray cabinets are very fashionable right now, but they’re a little more difficult to keep clean.

They can also make your kitchen feel small if you use them in combination with darker flooring.

Dark grays tend to pair well with lighter floors and white countertops, though. They create an airy, modern vibe that works well with stainless steel appliances.

dark gray kitchen cabinets colors


Charcoal-colored cabinets are another popular option for contemporary kitchens.

They’re generally considered a neutral color but often appear black in low lighting.

They’re easy to keep clean and go well with natural stone countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Like dark grays, they create an airy feel that’s perfect for contemporary kitchens with lots of windows or large skylights.

charcoal color cabinets example

What Color Goes With grey kitchen cabinets?

The color white goes well with the color grey, they both have a cold tone, so they work well together. T

The cool tone of white is a natural and neutral choice for any room in the house and when paired with grey, it creates a fresh, elegant atmosphere.

White can also be combined with other colors such as black and brown, but you have to keep in mind that these colors are warm tones, so combining them with a cool tone like white will create a dull atmosphere.

Are Gray Cabinets Too Trendy?

It’s neutral enough to complement any style and can be used to create a high-contrast look that’s both dramatic and sophisticated.

Cabinet color can play a big role in the overall design scheme of your kitchen, and gray is a great neutral color that allows your natural, unique personality to shine through.

Gray cabinets are not too trendy.

They don’t go out of style because they’re not really in style.

gray kitchen cabinets paint ideas

Rather, they’re a classic neutral choice that allows you to showcase the look of your kitchen without having to change the color scheme every few years.

Gray cabinets might seem like a safe choice, but they can also be a bold choice. If you’ve never considered using gray before, it’s time to start thinking outside the box… or cabinet!

What Goes With Gray Cabinets?

Trying to decide what goes with gray cabinets?

Here are some ideas to help you get started:


Gray cabinets look great with all kinds of metallic tones, including silver, gold, copper, and bronze. These metals add depth and warmth to gray paint colors, and they also give your kitchen a touch of glamour or industrial flair.

gray cabinets with metallic gold  bronze knobs
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Metallic accents make a bold statement, but they can also be a bit tricky to work with.

The good news is that they’re usually easy to incorporate if you keep the look simple.

In the kitchen, metallic accents are often found on appliances and hardware. If your cabinets are a light color, you can use copper- or pewter-toned hardware for a subtle contrast.

If your cabinets are dark, you might want to stick with stainless steel or chrome-colored appliances and hardware.

Metallic finishes are also common in tile backsplashes, countertops, and flooring.

If you want to take things up a notch, consider using metallic accents on the walls! Just make sure the room feels comfortable and inviting when you’re done.

Dark Wood tones are often complementary with gray cabinets, especially when they’re applied to dark woods such as mahogany or ebony.

Light wood tones can be somewhat problematic because they tend to pull attention away from the cabinets themselves.

Textures And Patterns

Gray cabinets also pair well with fabrics of all kinds — from upholstery to plaids — as well as with ornate details like carved molding or intricate tile work.

If your kitchen has a lot of patterned surfaces, keep those colors muted so they blend into one another and don’t compete with the cabinet color.

You can change the look of your gray cabinets by changing wall colors and flooring choices.

For instance, if you have gray walls with white trim, use brown flooring for a rustic feel.

If you’re planning on installing hardwood floors throughout your house, use gray cabinets for a more unified look between the flooring and cabinet color.

What Countertops Go With Gray Cabinets?

I love gray cabinets with colored tile, marble, or granite countertops.

I chose a gray cabinet and black granite countertop in my new small bathroom.

I’m amazed at how much bigger the room seems to be.

If you want to see what gray cabinets look like before you do your kitchen or bathroom, many home stores have kitchens with gray cabinets to view in person and take pictures of if you like.

White countertops look great as well.

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In Conclusion

Gray kitchen cabinets are a great option for many homeowners. They are very versatile and can be paired with almost every style, from traditional to modern.

Taupe is the most popular gray color for kitchen cabinets.

It has a warm undertone, which makes it a great color for people who don’t like the cold feeling of black.

Light gray and off-white are also popular colors for kitchen cabinets. They have a more neutral tone and go well with any décor style.

Gray cabinets are ideal for those who like white or light-colored kitchens, but they look great with darker colors as well.

For example, white walls, black appliances, and dark flooring look spectacular in combination with gray cabinets.

This ultimate guide to painting kitchen cabinets has everything you need to know about the process, materials, and determining what type of cabinets you have!

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