Easily add $30K To Your Home Value With Just Paint

If you are selling your home you should consider a few improvements that will add value to your home. While adding new plumbing and windows, or adding smart technology to your home can add tremendous value to your home, it can be quite expensive as well.
A less costly option that can boost your asking price is paint.

Update the Kitchen

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According to realtor.com out of all homes sold that were listed on their site, 69% named the kitchen as the “selling point”.

That speaks volumes!

Therefore, you should take a good look at your dated kitchen cabinets and maybe think about upgrading them before you list your home on the market.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is not cheap and can start at prices as high as $12.000-$15.000.

A less pricey option is painting them.

Painting kitchen cabinets white will not only modernize the look but also brighten up your kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets combined with light grey or beige walls will make your kitchen visually look muck bigger and more inviting!

Painting kitchen cabinets is a bit labor-intensive but when done right can last years and it will add value to your home.

That is why we always suggest hiring a professional painting company for this.

They are equipped to get it done in a timely manner in order to get your home listed ASAP

The average cost for painting cabinets is around $100/door and $50/drawer.

Depending on where you are located the prices might vary.

So for around $3500 you can easily increase your value by $15.000!

Touch Up Your Basement

Most homes use their basement for anything from storage to a playroom or even a home gym.

When buyers are shopping for homes you want to give them the impression that your basement can be utilized for more than storing old baby pictures and endless amounts of 1st-grade drawings from each one of your kids in that are now 30.

If possible, a fresh coat of paint can really make your basement look more inviting and makes an additional living space more imaginable.

In addition, if you have a concrete floor that is in decent shape, we would suggest painting that as well.

how to paint concrete floors with paint

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Light or dark grey preferably, make great color options and clean up a dingy-looking basement instantly.

Update Your Bathroom

Besides your kitchen, another common area that is used by everyone will be the bathroom.

Not only by whoever is living in the house, but also by anyone that visits.

A buyer will have that same thought process.

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Therefore, we suggest you update your bathroom as well to add value to your home.

Painting the ceiling, walls and trim can not only brighten up your bathroom but also make it look bigger.

A crispy white bathroom ceiling, light neutral color on the walls, and white semi-gloss trim always work wonders.

If you have a small bathroom with no window we like to use an eggshell finish on the walls.


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In addition, we’ll replace all light bulbs with bright white led bulbs.

That will optically make your room bigger.

Pick a light grey or beige when doing so.

These colors look better with led lights because the Led light will highlight the blue tones in any color.

Is Painting Necessary To Sell My Home?

Painting your home might not be the first thing on your mind before listing it on the market.

But keep in mind that the color will the first thing that catches your eye when you walk in.

A bright red room will immediately be associated with “STOP“.

how to make your home look more luxurious 5

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A green room might not appeal to everyone and a blue room might not be everybody’s favorite color.

Therefore, newly painted neutral colors will not only present a cleaner look but it will also make the potential buyers feel like there is not an immediate need for painting the house.

So that is one less thing to worry about.

If you have any questions contact us at 518Painters and we will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiries.

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