Packing Tips for Moving House – My Top 10 Tips

This week I’ll be sharing with you the top 10 tips I share with my peers when they’re packing and getting ready for their move. The most important thing is to be organized weeks in advance and a checklist works great for this!

Packing Tips

There are so many different things out there in terms of moving tips and packing tips that I could go on for days and days but the 10 tips I’m going to share with you today are the ones that you don’t see as common on these lists.

These are the ones that I found to be the most helpful during my moves and what I share with my customers.

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Tip #1

Start Early!

Do not wait until the last minute to begin the packing process.

It is always going to take you longer than you actually think.

It’s going to start by picking one room at a time.

Start with the rooms and the items that you use the least frequently so maybe that might be a guest bedroom or a storage room or an office.

If you plan on selling any items certainly start that process at least four to six weeks before you move because it could take some time for items to sell.

The earlier you start the process and the fewer things you put off to the last minute, the less stress you actually add to the entire process of packing and moving which is already a pretty stressful process to begin with.

Tip #2

Use The Correct Size Boxes

Now I will tell you that it is very tempting to take a large box and shove as many things in it as possible thinking to yourself well that’ll be fewer boxes I’ll need to move.

But the reality is using the correct size box and sometimes smaller boxes are actually better especially if you’re packing heavy items.

Do not pack a lot of heavy items in an extremely large box whether you’re moving or hiring movers.

it’s going to be difficult to pack heavier items in smaller boxes.

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Tip #3

Recycle Packing Materials

Ask around.

Ask your co-workers, friends, or family if they have any packing materials laying around the house.

maybe, somebody, you know just made a move and they’ve got moving boxes and saran wrap and bubble wrap and items that they either have leftover or may not have actually used.

Ask if you can use or borrow them.

You can also go to local retailers and local big-box stores and ask them if you can take some of their boxes that they might be recycling.

I’ve also had a ton of luck on sites like Craigslist to find free packing and moving materials that other people are looking to get rid of after they’ve had a big move.

I’ve actually was able to snag ten three wardrobe boxes on Craigslist a few years ago, which if any of you know out there, are those wardrobes boxes if you were to rent or purchase they are quite expensive and I got them for free on Craigslist.

Now certainly I’m also gonna encourage you when you’re done with the whole process to continue to recycle those items by offering them o somebody else for free.

Tip #4

Use Whatever You Have

To cut down on the cost of packing materials use some of the soft furnishings that you already have.

Dish towels are great for wrapping things in the kitchen.

You can also, use socks for stemware and utensils.

I’ve even used t-shirts to wrap up fragile items as well.

You can also use items around your house as a replacement for boxes.

Things like hampers, suitcases, baskets, and other decorative boxes can be used to pack items in as well for the move.

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Tip #5

Label Everything

This includes both the contents of the box and the room the box belongs to.

For example bedroom to bedroom and kitchen to kitchen.

This is going to help your movers or yourself when you’re unloading to be able to put the boxes in the appropriate rooms.

And if you really want to be organized you can even consider color-coding the labels on the boxes by either purchasing colored moving labels or just using colored masking tape or duct tape.

Tip #6

Know What Doesn’t Get Packed

In the moving truck, there are always going to be items that are going to be recommended not to pack in a moving truck.

And items that you actually can’t pack in a moving truck

If you’re hiring professionals consider packing and moving severely fragile items like family heirlooms in your own vehicle.

I’ve also learned from personal experience that you should transport your plants in your own vehicle.

The moving truck killed many plants.

Dangerous, hazardous, and flammable items should also not necessarily go into a moving truck if you can avoid it.

Any of the food from the refrigerator could be packed away into a cooler.

And the reason I suggest you do it yourself is that it could be one of the last things you pack before the move and one of the first things you unpack when you get to your new place.

This way none of the food gets spoiled.

Tip #7

Save A Box Or Two For The Morning Of

Now, this is a packing lesson that I learned probably my second or third time moving.

There are always going to be items that you’re going to find in the home in cabinets or closets or hiding spaces or even under furniture as you’re moving the furniture and moving out that you’re going to need to pack away.

So make sure you save one or two or three boxes a side open and ready to be packed for the morning of.

This way as you’re packing furniture and loading up the truck and you’re finding all of these miscellaneous items that you have a place to put them.

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Tip #8

Pack A Moving Day Kit

Aside from having empty boxes ready to be packed if needed on the morning up you also want to make sure you pack yourself a moving kit of other items you’re gonna need, both as you’re loading the truck, and moving out and unloading in the new place.

This moving kit should include things like:

  • cleaning supplies
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • garbage bags
  • paper plates
  • cups
  • napkins
  • eating utensils

and don’t forget your chargers for things like your phone tablet and laptop.

This moving kit will also include an overnight bag for yourself so make sure you pack things like your toiletries and clothes.

I suggest packing clothes for several days in case you can’t get all of your clothes unpacked right away.

Make sure to pack your shower toiletries a towel and if you need a shower curtain at your new home make sure you bring that as well because there’s nothing like taking a nice hot shower after a long day of moving.

Tip #9

Pick A Staging Room

Our area in your house as you pack now.

This may not always be possible depending on the size of your space but if you can do it I advise you to take one room in your house or one area of your home and you pack that first.

Use that as a packing/staging area, which means as you pack your boxes you have one central location where all of them can live.

This helps keep you nice and organized and keeps it from feeling like you’re literally tripping over boxes as you pack your house.

It also makes moving really easy because you yourself or the professional movers can go to one rote location to start loading up the boxes to the truck.

Tip #10

Stuff Happens

No matter how well you’ve prepared how much bubble wrap you’ve used, how many moving blankets you used on the furniture inevitably something gets nicked scratched or broken.

This is why I recommended earlier to pack all of the most valuable items things like family heirlooms and the most fragile items yourself in your own vehicle.

This way if anything does get damaged in the big moving truck it shouldn’t be any of your most valuable items.

And as long as you mentally prepare that this might happen when you are unloading and you see that there is a scratch on that furniture it’s a little bit easier to digest.

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