Best Shark Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking for the best shark vacuum, here’s a collection that you’ve got to see. Our guide looks at the most popular and high-performing models, brush roll design, cleaning features such as power, and more. Our aim is at the end of this guide you’ll have everything you need to determine if a Shark is the best vacuum for you.

shark navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

shark vacuum for hardwood floors


For bare floor cleaning that’s anything but bare-bones, the Shark navigator professional NV356E is my top choice.

With Lift-Away technology and a brush roll shut off.

This is a practical vacuum for hardwood floors is a good choice for any type of hardwood floor and any solid surface floor cleaning such as laminate.

It has a bristle brush that’ll agitate carpet fibers to remove deep-seated dirt, but can be deactivated to protect hardwood floors from scratches and wear.

shark navigator Lift-Away professional NV356E

But what really sets apart this shark vacuum for hardware floors is the included dust-away attachment with the microfiber pad.

When using the lift-away vacuum for hardwood floors in canister mode, simply attach the dust away tool, which is essentially a large microfiber pad that’ll pick up fine dirt and dust from hardwoods tiles and more.

shark Apex upright vacuum for hardwood floors

shark apex upright for hardwood floors


The Shark Apex Duoclean is arguably the best vacuum for hardwood floors shark makes.

And for good reason.

It performed extraordinarily well in all cleaning tests removing 99.7% of all debris across 12 different tests.

The DuoClean design in particular makes us an excellent performer as it’s able to tackle all floor types and all debris types, even larger debris.

The accessories, build quality, and performance, all come together to make it one of the best upright vacuums we’ve tested to date and definitely my personal favorite!

shark apex upright for hardwood floors 2

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright corded Bagless Vacuum for hardwood floors

shark vacuum for pets

If you have pets you most likely have an ongoing battle to keep fur and dandruff under control.

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