Rare Wood Dresser Makeover

I needed a TV stand for my basement, so I went on the Facebook market and found this rare dresser that was pretty beat up. But it was free so I didn’t complain. With a little bit of paint, stain, and some TLC, I knew that I could bring it back to life!

How to Prep Furniture To Paint?

Your first step should always be cleaning and de-greasing it.

The reason why is that the primer and paint will not stick to grease or oil.

Therefore you will have to get rid of any surface dirt before sanding.

If you start sanding without cleaning first, you risk pushing the contaminants into the wood with your sandpaper.

That can cause your paint and primer to fail by either staining, peeling, bubbling, or chipping.

The de-greaser I rely on is Krudd Cutter.

It is a cleaner and de-glosser at once.

Krudd Kutter Gloss Off

How To Sand A Rare Wood Dresser For Paint And Stain?

When sanding a wood dresser that has a polyurethane finish I like to start off with 80 grit sandpaper.

Once I see the bare wood I follow up with a 150 grit then I finish it off with a 220 grit.

That will leave a nice smooth surface to work with.

Always sand with the grain!

When sanding a wood dresser that has a polyurethane finish for paint, I only scuff up the surface with 220 grit sandpaper so that the primer has a tooth to bite into.

sanding dresser

How To Prime A Wood Dresser For Paint

A good oil-based primer will always be your best option.

It is stain-blocking and will ensure a tight bond between your surface and topcoat.

Read more about oil-based primers here.

My Favorite Primer for furniture is Zinsser Coverstain

oil based primer

How to Stain Furniture?

A good oil-based stain such as Old Masters Or Minwax is easily applied with a staining sponge.

Apply your first coat with your soaked sponge and wipe off any excess stain with a clean lint-free rag.

Don’t put on your stain too heavy.

You can always add another layer to darken it.

These are my favorite staining pads:


What’s The Best Top Coat When Painting Furniture?

If you are looking for a high-end durable finish then I would suggest Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane.

It is a water-based product that cures to a hard finish and doesn’t yellow.

Sherwin Willimas Emerald

Repair Scratches In Furniture

If you have scratches or dings in your wood you can repair them with Bondo glazing putty.

It dries super fast and sands easily.

I even use it when prepping kitchen cabinets for painting.

spot putty

In Conclusion

The Facebook marketplace can be a great place to find hidden gems. If you search for the term “free dresser” or “free oak” you’ll find some amazing stuff that you can refurbish for yourself or re-sell on the FB marketplace.

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