Benjamin moore aura review

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review 2020

Benjamin Moore Aura Review

There is no doubt that Benjamin Moore Aura is a premium paint for your home improvement projects. It performs at a high level and should be one of your first picks whenever you have to paint a challenging color such as a bright yellow or dark blue. BM Aura is a Waterborne interior and exterior paint that uses 100% Acrylic resins. Check out the Spec sheet here

Benjamin moore aura review

How much is a gallon of Benjamin Moore Aura paint?

One gallon of the Aura paint usually costs around $63 US and can be purchased at a BM paint retailer.

A BM paint retailer can be a hardware store that carries Benjamin Moore products but is not necessarily called a “Benjamin Moore” store.

A quick Google search of a retailer near you should help you find one.

benjamin Moore regal vs aura

You might be faced with making a decision between Aura and Regal Select.

But What is the difference?

Regal is a good option for any interior walls and ceiling.

It is priced at around $59 US for one gallon.

In my personal opinion, the Aura line is a bit richer in color and has a better hide then Regal.

This really helps when you are painting with colors that are known to be problematic.

Usually red, bright yellow and dark blue are colors that need a grey primer as a base in or multiple coats.

5-7 sometimes.

This is why Aura is such a good paint.

You can get away painting problematic colors with only 2 coats of BM Aura.

As a matter of fact, BM guarantees it.

benjamin Moore aura bath and spa

This line of Aura is another premium interior waterborne paint.

It is specially designed for humid environments.

You might have a bathroom that builds up water on the surfaces after showering because of poor ventilation.

Then Aura Bath and Spa might be the right option for you.

Built-up water can cause mildew and mold to grow on your walls and ceiling.

It washes very well and is mildew resistant.

bM aura colors

There are 240 colors that are specifically designed for the Aura line.
Although you can match any color, these specific colors are made to perform.
They are rich in color and each sheen looks great.

benjamin Moore aura exterior paint

Just as the interior paint, the exterior is another high-performance premium option.

Compared to Sherwin- Williams’s Duration it is a better option for a guaranteed 2 coat cover in any color.

Although Duration is a good quality exterior paint that dries fast for re-coat it does not have the same hide as Aura.

In most states, Duration will cost around $73 US for one gallon and Aura around $69 US for one gallon.

Of course, these prices might vary depending on location and contractor discount.

BM aura grand entrance

If you are looking for premium paint for exterior metal doors the Grand Entrance should be your choice in my opinion.

It is our go-to for any home improvement project that needs a metal exterior door painted.

The Urethane Modified Waterborne Alkyd dries to a durable and nice-looking finish.

Whether it is satin or gloss.
It dries to the touch within 4-6 hours but the recoat time is between 12-16 hours.

The results are well worth the wait if you account for it.

The best time to paint with this product is in the morning before the sun can really get to it.

If it gets too hot it will dry too quickly and can become difficult to work with if you are brushing and rolling.

Check out how we brush and roll metal exterior doors with Grand Entrance at 518 Painters.

aura vs Sherwin Williams emerald

Sherwin-Williams Emerald costs around $75 for one gallon and dries to a durable finish.

It is acrylic latex paint.

In comparison to Aura, it washes well too but in my personal opinion, the Aura just has a smoother finish.

Don’t get me wrong, they both look great, but BM’s product just looks more luxurious.

In conclusion

If you are asking if BM Aura is worth it for your home improvement projects then I would say ask yourself this first.

  • Are you looking for a luxurious finish?
  • Are you painting with “problematic” colors?
  • Are you using it for a high-end customer or project?
  • Can you live with paying a little bit more than would you would pay for average paint?

If the answer is “Yes” then go for it!

The Aura line has not let me down yet and whenever it calls for it we use it without hesitation.

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