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Best Primer For Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding In 2020

best primer for kitchen cabinets

Best Primer For Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding When choosing the best primer for your kitchen cabinets everybody has their own preferences. Personally, I think the best bonding primer for painting kitchen cabinets is an oil-based primer for various reasons. Although it might not be the best smelling product to use it makes up for its … Read more

Best Primer For Drywall

drywall primers- best primer for drywall

Best Primers For Drywall I get asked quite frequently if you need to prime bare drywall. Yes, absolutely! You need primer for drywall that is bare! After sanding and cleaning, and Before start painting your newly installed Drywall you need to prime it.   This is absolutely necessary! And No, paint and primer in one is … Read more