The Power of Zinsser CoverStain Oil-Based Primer for Your Painting Projects

zinsser coverstain oil based primer

Introduction Zinsser CoverStain Oil-Based Primer is a high-performance primer ideal for use on various surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry, and concrete. It’s perfect for painting over previously stained or painted surfaces. This product can be used in interior and exterior projects such as decks, fences, porches; garages; basements; bathrooms; kitchens, and laundry rooms. In this … Read more

Best Oil Based Primers For Wood And More

best oil based primers

Oil-based primers are an excellent choice when it comes to preparing surfaces for painting. They are durable, provide excellent adhesion, and are great for sealing porous surfaces. Oil-based primers also work well to block stains and tannin bleeds. This blog post will discuss the best oil-based primers available today. Zinsser CoverStain is a high-quality oil-based … Read more

What Is The Best Paint Primer?

best primerhow to paint straight lines and stripes on walls

Paint primer has a multitude of attributes. They are not only stain blockers but they are also a base coat that provides adhesion on a problem or hard to stick to surfaces. With so many options available it can get a little confusing choosing the right primer for the right job. Should you use an … Read more