Small Bathroom Ideas

If you have a small bathroom it can be difficult decorating it and finding creating storage opportunities. Check out these bathrooms remodel ideas that we put together for you.  Here are a few simple and budget-friendly ways that you can create a luxurious bathroom look on a budget.


Slim Storage

#1. Get tall, narrow cabinets that fit into tight spaces.

When you have limited space in your bathroom, having larger cabinets is not an option.

This Slim Storage unit is perfect for storing items that you would otherwise keep in a bulky vanity.

It’s incredibly durable and we’ve had ours for going on 6 years now.

Storage Ladder

#2. Install a storage ladder.

If floor space is limited, it is important to turn to your walls in order to benefit from a practical solution.

storage ladder

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Floating Shelves

#3. Install a shelf over the toilet.

Another thing you may want to consider is installing a shelf above the toilet.

These floating shelves are great for additional storage such as lotions and towels for example.

Or you can just use them for decorating.

They can hold up to 40lbs. each.

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Fixed Wicker Basket

#4. Fix wicker storage baskets to the wall.

If you struggle to find somewhere to keep your towels, you can solve this problem easily by simply investing in a few small wicker baskets that can be fixed to the wall. 

wicker storage basket
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Shelf Above The Door

#5. Add a shelf above the door.

In addition to adding hooks or a hook rail to the bathroom door, you can also make use of the space above the door itself.

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