Outdoor String Lighting Ideas

Outdoor String Lighting Ideas

Spring is here and that means summer is not far away either! And who doesn’t enjoy long summer nights that you can spend outside on your patio or in your backyard? Why not start preparing for those relaxing nights now? Here are some tips that will help you set the ambiance with some of my most favorite outdoor string lights. Whether you have a deck, enclosed patio, or an open backyard, here is everything you’ll need!

How to string outdoor lights in the backyard without trees

If your backyard does not have trees that you can string your lights from, then the best way to accomplish that is by simply putting up poles along the perimeter of where you would like to run your lighting.

I’ve tried some of the DIY tutorials on YouTube but they were not the longest-lasting option for my household (wild Kids ­čść ).

I found these 9ft poles on Amazon and couldn’t be happier with how solid and sturdy they are.

string Lights

Check Out The 9 ft. poles we Use

How To Hang Patio Lights Without Nails

If you are looking for a way to hang your outdoor patio lights without using nails or screws, Adhesive-backed hooks can help you.

Just peel the back and stick them on your surface.

string Lights adhesive hooks

Hooks That Really Work On Amazon

Picking Your Lights

When you are picking your outdoor lights it really just boils down to personal preference.

Personally, I like how glass bulbs look.

They just illuminate more than the plastic ones.

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