Find Studs In Walls And Ceilings In 5 Seconds!

You can find studs in walls and ceilings super fast using magnets. Not just any magnets but Neodymium magnets. Painting a room does not only give it a new look but also provides a new opportunity to start fresh as far as the design and look. So a lot of times when we paint a room the homeowner will ask us to fill all nail and screw holes. This can include the holes that were created because of a TV mount. With that, the homeowner can choose a new location for that TV.

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What Is The Best Way To Find A Stud?

We know that in most cases Studs are 16 inches apart on center.

That means the center of one stud is 16 inches apart from the center of the next Stud (In some cases, it will be 24 inches).

In the center of that stud is usually where you will find your drywall screw.

How Do I Find That Drywall Screw?

You can use a Neodymium magnet, which is stronger than just your average magnet, to find those screws.

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