Graco Quick Shot Spray Gun: Is It Worth It?

It is a portable airless sprayer that can spray up to one gallon before recharging and includes two Dewalt 20V batteries. The batteries take less than an hour to recharge with the included charger. The industry’s first electronically powered airless gun sprays faster, lighter, and smaller than conventional guns.

It provides next-generation finish quality and spray control, virtually eliminating spits.

The Rapid Response Electric Powered gun has an easy flow adjustment for total control; it is lightweight and compact–perfect for use anywhere, even those impossibly tight areas.

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The Quick Shot is the ultimate in cordless, hands-free portability: with an easy access holster, a convenient pour-and-go cup, and a six-foot super flexible hose extending without getting in the way of quick setup/quick spray/quick refills/quick cleanup.

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Graco Quick Shot Spray Gun for Unmatched Paint Finishes

The Graco Quick Shot spray gun has a pressure dial built into the gun and can support spraying up to 2,000 PSI with tips from 0.008″ to 0.016″. It is designed to deliver higher quality and faster results with virtually eliminating spits. The Graco Ultra Quick Shot is a breakthrough technology designed for a smooth airless finish, delivering better quality and faster results.

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High-Performance Graco Quick Shot Spray Gun for Fast and Flawless Painting

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This little sprayer allows you to apply paint quickly and easily. It uses compressed air to push out the paint, so you don’t need any hand strength or muscle power. The trigger on the gun has almost no resistance; as soon as you pull it back, the paint will come out of the nozzle in an even stream. This makes for a very smooth application process that requires little effort!
The reaction time between pulling back on your trigger and seeing results is immediate with this tool.

The Benefits of the Graco Quick Shot spray gun

  • No Spits
    The most crucial benefit of using a pressure sprayer is that it won’t spit. Spitting is when the paint comes out of the nozzle in little droplets instead of a smooth stream. This can happen because you’re using too much paint or not enough pressure, but either way, it’s annoying and messy! With the Graco Quick Shot spray gun sprayer, you’ll get a smooth finish every time–and no more drips on your shoes!
  • Portable
    Another benefit of using this type of tool is how portable they are; they’re easy to carry around with you wherever you go! This makes them ideal for small outdoor painting jobs like decks or fences and built-in cabinetry, trim, and doors.

How much does the Graco Quick Shot Spray Gun Cost?

The price of the Graco Quick Shot Spray Gun can vary depending on the retailer and the specific model being purchased; for example, as of today’s date, the Graco Ultra QuickShot is priced at $1,299.00 on the Graco website. However, prices may change over time and differ from retailer to retailer. Comparing prices with multiple retailers before purchasing is always a good idea.

What are good, less expensive alternatives?

Several options are available if you are searching for an alternative to the Graco Ultra Quick Shot sprayer. Here are some alternative airless sprayers that you may want to consider:

The Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO and Wagner Control Pro 170 are good alternatives to the Graco Ultra Quick Shot.

  • The Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO is designed to deliver a professional finish with less overspray.

The Wagner Control Pro 170 offers consistent coverage and can be used with various coatings, including latex, enamel, and oil-based paints.

The Wagner Control Pro 170 graco ultra quick shot alternative
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