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Painting Wood Paneling

best oil based primers

Painting Wood Paneling Today I’m going to show you how to paint a room with planking or wood paneling. Planking and paneling are easy to paint but it’s time-consuming to do correctly. Fortunately, you don’t need any power tools or DIY experience for this project just a lot of patience. It’s the perfect beginner project … Read more

Benjamin Moore Scuff X Paint Review

Benjamin Moore Scuff X eggshell review small

Benjamin Moore Scuff X The benefit of Benjamin Moore Scuff X paint is that is washable and durable. It was designed to be used in high traffic areas and commercial buildings.  Check out the video below However, you can use this paint for residential interior painting as well. If you want to improve your … Read more

Is Frog Tape Any Good?

frog tape-image

Is Frog tape Any Good? Is Frog Tape any good and is it even worth buying? Or could it just be a gimmick? You probably heard about Frogtape but you are just not sure that it is worth the asking price.Well, this post might help clear things up. What is Frog tape for? This is … Read more

How To Paint Over Tile

how to paint over tile

How to paint over tile If you want o to paint over tile, whether it is ceramic tile or porcelain tile, you will need to prep it thoroughly.You have to be very diligent about cleaning the tiles with a wax and grease remover before lightly sanding them with 100 grit sandpaper to promote a mechanical … Read more