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Rare Wood Dresser Makeover

Rare Dresser Find On Facebook I needed a TV stand for my basement, so I went on Facebook market and found this rare dresser that was pretty beat up. But it was free so I didn’t complain. With a little bit of paint, stain and some TLC, I knew that I could bring it back … Read more

Small Bathroom Ideas

bathroom remodel ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas Check out these bathroom remodel Ideas that we put together for you.  Here are a few simple and budget friendly ways that you can create a luxurious bathroom look on a budget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmLE81WsfeQ Slim Storage #1. Get tall, narrow cabinets that fit into tight spaces. When you have limited space in your … Read more

Paint Spray Booth 2021

paint spray booth buyers guide

Paint Spray Booths 2020 If you are a professional painter and you refinish kitchen cabinets and maybe even wood furniture then you might want to invest in a paint spray booth at some point. But what is a paint spray booth and where can you get one? A spray booth is typically an enclosed area … Read more

Is Stix Really A Good Primer?

inslx stix bonding primer

Is Stix really a good primer? You might have heard the hype about INSL-X Stix bonding primer but is Stix really a good primer?The short answer is Yes! In many cases, you will be amazed at the adhesion that this primer promotes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL1sUUO-j48&t=2s What is Stix primer? Stix is a waterborne bonding primer that will … Read more

2 Edge Knife Review

2 edge knife 5 in 1 tool review

2 Edge Knife Review There are certain tools that every Painter should keep on him at all time. Those tools include a 5-in-1 scraper, a screwdriver, and a utility knife. The 5-in-1 scraper is great opening paint cans and for removing chipped paint, peeling corners during wallpaper removals and to get in those tight spaces … Read more

Benjamin Moore Century

benjamin moore century 518 painters

Benjamin Moore Century What Makes Benjamin Moore Century Different? Harriet Martins ,Senior Brand Manager at Benjamin Moore gave a great interview about Benjamin Moore Century. It comes in 75 select colors with a “Soft touch matte finish” which kind of feels like a soft leather glove. These colors are only available in the Century line … Read more

Interior Painters In Albany NY

Professional Painting contractor 518Painters

518 Painters are your highest rated Professional Interior Painters in Albany NY. In addition, we are locally trusted and family owned and operated. We take great pride in everything we do and it shows with each completed project.  Our goal is it to deliver an outstanding customer service experience. It starts with answering the phone.  … Read more