Benjamin Moore Century Paint Review

Harriet Martins, Senior Brand Manager at Benjamin Moore gave a great interview about Benjamin Moore Century. It comes in 75 select colors with a “Soft touch matte finish” which kind of feels like a soft leather glove.

What Makes Benjamin Moore Century Different?

These colors are only available in the Century line and can not be matched in any other product line.

To achieve this accuracy and unique finish the paint is manufactured in smaller batches and is only sold in 1-gallon cans.

These batches are mixed at 400-500 gallons only, in comparison to other products that are usually mixed at 5k-10k gallons in the factory.

Do You Have To “Box” Century

Because the technology is so tight behind the Century line it is not necessary to mix or “box” individual gallons together before applying.

This is a huge benefit when you are painting and you happen to run out of paint.

You can always continue with a newly opened gallon and not worry about the mismatch of the color or even haloing.

With a lot of other paint lines that is not possible.

Haloing occurs at the upper part of the wall where your cut-in lines are.

This is where the color does not match the previous layer 100%.

Thus creating the “halo effect”

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Where Can I Buy Century Paint?

Only a few select stores are chosen to carry this line of products.

In Albany NY you would have to visit Colorize of Clifton Park NY for instance.

If you don’t know what retailer around you sells it, you go online to BM Century’s specifically made website.

The site was created just for the Century line and has all the information you will need.

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How Do I Apply BM Century Paint?

Although this paint has special features it doesn’t require any special application.

It goes on your walls just like any other ordinary paint would.

You can brush and roll it on with a nylon brush and microfiber roller.

Or you can spray it with a sprayer.

I suggest using a 3/16 in. high-density roller or a 3/8 in. microfiber for best results.

How Much Does It Cost?

On average the gallon of Benjamin Moor Century retails for $125 (US).

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