This is one of my most requested videos, and it is a deep clean using my carpet cleaner. So I’m going to be tackling my couch today. We have 2 huskies that are outside all day and then come lay on our couch. And this couch just gets used and abused every single day from snacks to drinks, to just everything.

Removing Stains From Your Couch

I’m going to be using my Bissell Little Green Proheat Pet Machine.

This is not a steam cleaner.

It is a carpet cleaner that uses hot water to take the stains out and it works amazing.

It has these two little compartments on the side, this piece, in particular, collects all of that gross dirt that’s sucked up out of the sofa.

And the other piece is what you put your cleaning solution into.

You do have to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to what cleaning products to use.

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dirty couch stains bissel stain remover

What Solution You Should Buy For Your Bissell

You’re going to have to get a cleaning solution that is specific to the size of the machine.

But it is fairly inexpensive to buy a big bottle that will last you a while.

It uses a little hose here that has a very easy button that disperses the liquid onto the carpet.

And it just, it just sucks it right up.

It is so satisfying because the front of the sucker is clear.

You can actually see all the dirt being sucked up into it.

And when it’s stored in the bottom, you get to see how gross it is when you pull it out.

dirty couch stains bissell stain cleaning couch

Removing The Deep Rooted Dirt

dirty couch stains bissell stain remover dirt water

Here is what the reservoir looks like before refilling with the new solution and fresh new water.

The water looks gross and murky.

Just imagine, that’s all on your couch.

Here is what the lounge part looks like after it dried outside.

dirty couch stains bissell stain clean couch

This little Bissel Proheat is definitely worth it if you have any pets like mine that like to roll around in the dirt all day and then lay on your couch.

bissell proheat pet starter pack

Get It On Amazon

 I bought my Bissell Little Green Proheat online and I do not regret it. 

It’s been 2 years and I haven’t had to replace any part yet.

You can grab the one I got here.

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