How To Paint Plastic Lawn Chairs

how to paint plastic lawn chairs 2

Your old plastic lawn chairs can easily be painted with some Rustoleum aerosol paint to like they are brand new. So instead of throwing out your old lawn chairs, you can save money by just repainting them in whatever color you like! Can plastic garden chairs be painted? Yes, plastic garden chairs can be painted … Read more

Wood Grain Filler For Oak Cabinets? (Aqua Coat Review)

best wood grain filler for oak cabinets

The best wood grain filler for oak cabinets is Bondo body filler or Bondo Wood Filler hands down.The reason is that it dries fast and you only need 1-2 coats. There are other options but Bondo is just so easy to get because it is readily available, low-cost, and easy to work with. Wood Grain … Read more

How To Paint Over Stained Wood

how to paint over stained wood

If you want to paint over stained wood, whether it be stairs or kitchen cabinets, you will need to prep them first.Painting stained wood is simple by scuff-sanding the surface with medium to fine-grit sandpaper. 220 grit works great.The goal is to degloss the surface and provide a way for the primer to adhere to … Read more