Painting An Old Dishwasher With Stainless Steel Paint

Instead of buying a new dishwasher, you can actually paint an old dishwasher with a liquid stainless steel paint kit.
This simple but effective method will have your old dishwasher looking like new for under $30.

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Make An Old Dishwasher Look New With Paint

I had to replace the rubber gasket and drain filter of my dishwasher so I figured I’d paint it with stainless steel paint to match the fridge and give it a makeover while I’m at it.

The product I used is a Liquid Stainless Steel paint kit.

I love working with this paint when painting dishwashers because it is a water-based product so it is easy to work with and it has no odor.

How To Clean Your Surface

You have to thoroughly clean your surfaces to get rid of any oils and grime that builds up.

I find that Acetone or Denatured alcohol works best.

Another less aggressive but effective product is Krudd Cutter.

Prepping Your Dishwasher For Paint

After cleaning your surface a green Brillo pad works great to scuff up your washer and give the paint something to bite into.

Make sure you wipe the surface again after scuffing it up.

How To Paint Your Dishwasher

You’ll have to apply 4-5 thin coats of the stainless steel base coat and let it dry for about an hour between each coat.

The clear topcoat can be applied 2 hours after your last coat.

  • 1 coat will give you a matte finish.
  • 2 coats a semi-gloss.
  • 3 coats a gloss finish.

If you do get drips or runs, they can easily be lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.

In Conclusion

For less than $30 you can upgrade the look of your dishwasher and it is so easy that anybody can do it! The finish is super durable and overall it looks better than what you would expect for an inexpensive product like this.