2 Edge Knife Review

2 Edge Knife Review

There are certain tools that every Painter should keep on him at all times.

Those tools include a 5-in-1 scraper, a screwdriver, and a utility knife.

The 5-in-1 scraper is great for opening paint cans and for removing chipped paint, peeling corners during wallpaper removals, and getting in those tight spaces like between door jambs for example.

Your screwdriver comes in handy when it’s time to remove switch covers, and we all know why it is good to keep a utility knife close. But let’s be honest, how many times have you misplaced any of these tools?

The more tools you have to carry around the more tools you can end up leaving somewhere.

Those Days Are Over!

The 2 Edge Knife combines a 5-in-1 scraper, a screwdriver, and a utility knife all in one convenient tool.

We tested the 2 Edge Knife for about a week. The tool made a difference from day one.

The handle is very durable and the overall feel very comfortable.

I do not prefer a pointy corner because I like to keep my 5-in-1 in the side pocket of my Dickies painter pants.

If the edge is too pointy I tend to cut my forearm a lot when I move around or crouch down in certain situations.

The 2 Edge Knife has a more rounded corner and an edge that is not particularly sharp but it works great for scraping.

It even performed well removing wallpaper.

The Razor on the 2 Edge knife has a push button to release the actual blade with little effort. You can keep the 2 Edge Knife in your pocket or attach it to your belt with its side clip.

Who Made The 2 Edge Knife?

This ingenious invention was made by Zorr Corp.

It is the same company that made the Roll-A-Bucket that was designed to maneuver a paint roller, the same way you would use a mop to steer a mop bucket.

It has specially designed wheels that make it easy to roll over tarps and drop cloths.

roll a bucket 2 edge knife

Where Can I Buy The 2 Edge Knife?

You can find this tool here.

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