How To Paint Behind A Toilet Tank Without Removing It

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How to paint behind a toilet tank without removing it

If you are trying to paint a toilet tank without removing it you can try using a 4-inch mini roller with a 3/8 inch nap. But if the space between your toilet tank and the wall is too tight you may have to try something else. A Shur-Line edger painting pad glued to a paint stirrer used to be my trick but now they actually make an inexpensive tool for that.

Can you paint behind a toilet?

You can absolutely paint behind a toilet without having to take off the water tank.

It seems like Shur-line read my mind and made this awesome little tool just for me.
No, but seriously, this is exactly what I needed in my profession as a painter.

I use this little hack on almost every interior paint job that has toilets with tanks that are too close to the wall.

The perfect tool to paint behind a toilet

tool to paint behind toilets

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