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What makes 518 Painters the highest-rated House Painters In Schenectady NY? Simple, Our professional house painting company specializes in interior painting in the Schenectady NY area. We are locally trusted and take great pride in everything we do!  What sets us apart from most professional painters in Schenectady is the communication with our customers from start to finish. 518 Painters is a family-owned business. Therefore, we make sure all of our customers have a pleasant experience when they hire us as their House Painters In Schenectady NY. This includes honoring agreements, timeliness, cleanliness and as mentioned before, communication!

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We Offer Free Touch-Ups For Life!

At 518 Painters in Schenectady NY each painting job gets a unique approach depending on the needs of our customers. 

This Ceiling, for instance, had a big water stain resulting from a leak in the upstairs bathroom. 

After the homeowner leaked fixed we prepped the stains with a primer that is specially designed to block stains and painted the ceiling with 2 coats of quality ceiling paint. 

The result was a painted ceiling that looked like new and a homeowner that couldn’t have been happier choosing 518 Painters as their professional interior house painters In Schenectady NY!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the usual process when hiring 518 Painters in Schenectady NY?

After contacting us and telling us about your project we will schedule a free estimate at your convenience. 

There we will assess the project and go over possible methods and materials that will be needed to complete the job.

Once we have all the details we need, we then write and email you a detailed estimate that breaks down everything as detailed as possible. 

If everything looks good we will then schedule your project when it is convenient for you.

What to expect from a job site?

As mentioned before, our crew is usually 1-2 guys, therefore, you will never feel uncomfortable or cramped in your own home.

What time do you start and finish?

We usually work from 8 am to 3:30 pm. The time can be changed upon request. If the customer is not available during those hours we can still do the work as long as we can get in. If you need us to lock the doors at the end of the day that is no problem and will be glad to do so.

Do I need a deposit before you start painting?

Every painting business in Schenectady NY has different policies. At 518 Painters we do not charge any money upfront. Only in rare cases. For example, If the homeowner contracted us to paint their home but resides in a different city or state we might ask for a deposit to compensate for materials.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we do accept all major credit cards up to $10.000. Any balance over $10.000 must be paid cash or with a check.

What does it cost to paint a room?

Typically an average room that is 10ft. x 20 ft. can range from $200 to $400 depending on the condition of the room and if we are including trim etc.

Who buys the materials for the paint job?

We will get all of the materials needed. All materials are charged separately upon completion. We give the customer a copy of the receipt with all the materials that have been used on the job. The customer only pays for what has been used.

What paint do you use?

In most cases, we use Benjamin Moore products. We purchase all of our materials at a contractor discount and do not charge our customers extra. 

Our preferred paint supplier is Colorize Inc, Clifton Park NY, and Niskayuna NY. 

In addition to great products they also offer free color consultation to all of our customers.

Choose Us as Your House Painters In Schenectady NY!

If you are looking for a reliable house painting service in Schenectady NY then 518 Painters is right for you!
We specialize in interior painting. Whether it is a residential repaint or new construction, no job is too big or too small for us.

Some of our painting services include patching holes in drywall and plaster walls, priming, and painting water damaged or smoke damaged walls and ceilings. 

Also, painting kitchen cabinets, painting or removing popcorn ceiling, painting wood trim and doors.
Our customers enjoy not having a big crew in their home, therefore our crew never exceeds 1-2 painters. This eliminated that overwhelming feeling of multiple strangers painting in your home. 

Since 518 Painters in Schenectady NY is a family-owned and operated painting business in Schenectady NY, we all have a high interest in delivering a great customer experience.