How To Organize A Pantry

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to organize your pantry. I will be creating an organizational system in the pantry that is fool-proof and affordable. There are labels and it’s really simple for everyone in your household to follow.

Everything has a home and everything has a label so there's no excuses anymore.

Things You will need to organize your pantry

For this project, you will need containers, shelf stackers, chalk, chalkboard tape, non-slip liner, scissors, baskets, hanging baskets, wooden crates, a sharpie, some labels, some string, and some stick-on labels.

How to start organizing

If your pantry is a disaster, don’t worry, we’re going to make it super organized.

The first thing you need to do is take everything out of your pantry so you can organize it and then it can all go back in super organized and it all has a home.

Take your non-slip liner, measure out your shelves and then cut it to size.

Here are some 20 ft. low-cost liners that we use a-lot

This chalkboard tape is amazing because you can cut it to size whatever containers you’re using it on and then you can write on what’s going in your container.

But you can also wipe it off if you decide to change what’s going on there.

You can get the chalkboard tape here

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Labeling your items

We’ve got these little cardboard tags that you can just write on and they can be attached with a piece of string or clipped onto baskets.

how to organize a pantry.jpg6

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I’m also going to use some of these awesome little stickers.

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Filling The Containers

Now that all the labels are on, I’m going to start filling the containers.

Everything that was in our pantry is now in containers and it looks so much better already.

I’ve got tins and chips and biscuits in baskets.

I’ve got apples, potatoes, and onions in wire baskets,

how to organize a pantry


All my herbs and spices are in these little containers.


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I ended up using a different set that came with labels from Amazon

I’ve got sauces and condiments in wooden crates and all of this in containers.

I’ve picked up these shelf stackers from Amazon.

They’re great when you’ve got a wider shelf and it just creates more storage space.

You just pop the legs out and stick them in.


how to organize a pantry.jpg2

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We’ve picked up these hanging storage baskets too.

These are height adjustable.

They’re great for herbs and spices.

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Keeping Your Pantry Organized and in stock

Having a chalkboard inside your pantry is great because you can pop a little shopping list on there, anything you like.

It’s great to group the items in your pantry so all your pasta together, 

all your cereals together, just so you’ve got some organization.

Everything has a place.

All the organization makes me feel really, really happy.

There’s no excuse anymore for your housemates or your partner putting anything back in the wrong place.

Everything has a home and everything has a label so there are no excuses anymore.

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