How To Organize Your Fridge to prevent food waste

I guarantee you will have one if you follow some or maybe even all of these tips—the Fridge of your dreams. I’ve tested these ten tips in my Fridge for a while now. So I can guarantee you that they work.

how to organize a fridge

Tip #1

Get a lazy Susan

Get a lazy Susan
I love these because you can rotate them to see what you have in your Fridge.

You don’t have to move everything out of the way if you want something from the back.

organize a fridge.jpg lazy suzan

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Tip #2

Mason Jars

Mason jars hold a special place in my heart.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, I utilize them for decanting items such as margarine, relish, and jams. This helps me maintain a consistent, organized look in my refrigerator, avoiding a cluttered assortment of jars and containers.

Mason jars excel in this regard.

I’ve swapped all the metal lids for plastic ones, as I found the metal variants prone to rusting. However, this rusting issue could be attributed to placing them in the dishwasher. Hand washing and drying them can significantly reduce the chances of rusting.

For easy identification, I use sticker labels on the jars. While the clear glass allows for visibility, distinguishing the contents can sometimes be challenging. Labeling the top of the jars solves this problem. If noting expiration dates is essential, add another label or masking tape to the jar’s bottom.

Beyond decanting, Mason jars are fantastic for meal prepping. They keep everything fresh and organized. At the beginning of each week, I chop various fruits and vegetables and store them in separate jars. This is incredibly convenient for items like onions, eliminating the need for daily chopping.

When cooking, I grab the necessary jar. The same goes for packing lunches, as I can quickly select the fruits or veggies needed for my child’s meal. Even as an after-school snack, these prepped Mason jars offer a ready-to-go option.

In summary, Mason jars not only streamline the organization of my refrigerator but also make meal prepping and daily cooking a breeze.

Tip #3

Squeeze bottles

I recommend that you decant all of your condiments, like ketchup, mustard, Sriracha Mayo, or whatever it is in your Fridge, into these squeeze bottles.

And it makes such a difference because not only does it look better, but it also saves room!

Cause the other bottles are all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes they’re half empty, and then they’re in there forever, taking up a ton of space.

Put them in a squeeze bottle, and you’ll notice a huge difference.

I’ve labeled my squeeze bottles with custom vinyl labels.

And then, on the bottom, I’ve put a masking tape with the expiry date.

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Tip #4

Rubber Maid FreshWorks containers

Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers

I like these because they Prolong the life of things like berries, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, etc.

For me, what it is is just a container.

And then, on the bottom, there’s this little piece of plastic that keeps everything elevated, and it just has these holes on the sides of the lid, which has helped the air circulation.

Things last longer when using these.

You want to make sure that your product is dehydrated.

You don’t want to prewash your items before putting them in these containers.

If they’re a bit damp, I recommend patting them dry with a paper towel when you bring them home from the grocery store.

Make sure you quickly look through them.

And if there’s anything moldy, remove it.

I also recommend wrapping things like cilantro or parsley in a paper towel before you put it in this container because that helps keep it extra dry.

Tip #5

Egg Storage

Now I recommend you get rid of the egg cartons because, let’s face it, number one, they’re ugly.

And number two, you don’t even know how many eggs you have in there until you open it.

So I recommend two options.
The first option is to get these clear containers meant for eggs.

Now I have two of them because we like to have boiled eggs at home.

So what I do is I fill one of them up with fresh eggs, and then the other one has a few boiled eggs that we can eat throughout the week.

The second option is to simply put your eggs in a glass bowl or a glass of bays.

And the good thing about this is that you don’t have a carton to open.

You can just grab them with one hand.

And you’re good to go, and you can also easily see how many eggs are there.

Tip #6

Defrost container

I recommend putting it in a defrost container.

Any plastic container will do.

This serves as a reminder that you need to defrost something for dinner.

And it’s just one container that always holds all those liquids so that nothing spills in your Fridge whenever you’re defrosting things overnight.

I don’t always keep this container in the Fridge because it takes up space, but I will use it whenever I’m defrosting something.

This is the container I use.

Tip #7

Using Containers

I recommend getting rid of things.


I recommend removing things like produce bags and boxes and putting your items in different containers.

And I liked this because it keeps items together.

And on top of that, you can easily see what you have in your Fridge and quickly grab it and go.

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Tip #8

Leftovers bin

I highly recommend this because you can immediately see what you need to eat.

And on top of that, it helps reduce the amount of food you’re wasting.

Tip #9

Can dispenser

A can dispenser will save you tons of room by neatly stacking your cans.

organize a fridge soda dispenser

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Tip #10

Have A meal plan

Display your meal plan prominently in your kitchen.

While I initially placed our meal plan on the refrigerator, I later relocated it to the inside of a cabinet to reduce visual clutter. However, choose the location that best suits your preferences!

The key is to maintain a conveniently visible meal plan.

Doing so eliminates the incessant queries from family members about what’s for dinner.

They can check the meal plan; two will help you stay on track because it’ll let you figure out what you need to prep.

And on top of that, it will let you see what you can make throughout the week.

And there you have it, guys.

Those are my top 10 fridge organization tips.

organize a fridge meal planner

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