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Interior Painting Company

518 painters is an interior painting company that specializes in residential repaints in the capital region. we are located in Albany New York and service the 518 area. Our interior painting company focuses on interior painting only. This includes painting walls, painting trim, and painting kitchen cabinets. We also do small sheetrock repair and patching, small plaster repair, and small cosmetic fixes.

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Professional Painters of Albany New York

bedroom painting compamy interior

Our interior painting company exclusively uses the Benjamin Moore paint brand unless our customer specifically asked for a different product. 

We choose Benjamin Moore’s paint because of the highest success rate and beautiful finishes. 

Our customers can take advantage of our rebate prices at the Benjamin Moore store. 

We do not mark up our prices for materials. That ensures that we keep the customer’s costs low without having to sacrifice quality results.

We Specialize in

We use a tried-and-true method of removing all doors and hardware before priming the kitchen cabinets.

After removing everything we clean the cabinets before lightly scuff sanding them. Then we will Prime them using a high-quality primer by Benjamin Moore.  

Next we either brush and roll or spray the kitchen cabinets.

That is up to the preference of the customer.

All of our kitchen cabinet painting jobs include two top coats.

All of our products that we use when painting kitchen cabinets have no VOC’s and will not leave a strong scent lingering.

After proper drying 518 Painters will assembled the kitchen.

Unless the customer chooses to do so themselves.

If we are doing a door or trim repaint we will use a high quality Benjamin Moore paint.

This will ensure longevity and durability.

Our Painting Company Well caulk  all of the trim before painting.

This eliminates any cracks or nail holes that will be visible after painting the trim.

518 painters will also paint your existing stained wood trim and wood doors any color of your choice.  

If your wood trim has a lacquer finish we will degloss the surfaces before priming them.

After the primer dries we will then add two top coats to ensure longevity and durability.

Door and trim painting

best primr drywall

Vaulted Ceiling painting

Our interior painting company is no stranger to high ceilings and vaulted ceilings.  

We have the right equipment to reach those hard-to-reach places.

Also, at 518 painters we are very diligent when it comes to protecting the customer’s property.

We will mask and cover everything to ensure that no paint gets on the customer’s belongings.  

If you have high vaulted ceilings that need to be painted save yourself a headache and let us do it for you!

Water and smoked damage

interior painting company

At 518 Painters We specialize in getting rid of unwanted stains.

Whether that’s due to smoke, nicotine or water leakage.

We will assess the situation and handle it accordingly.  


interior painting company

If there is any damage to the sheet rock or tape we Will Repair that before priming and painting.

Any smoke damages or nicotine stains or need to be primed using an oil-based or shellac based primer.

Once everything is prime correctly  you will not have to worry about staying sore orders coming back.


Interior Painting Specialist

518 Painters specializes in Interior Painting 

 We also offer:

Wallpaper removal,

Popcorn Ceiling Removal,

Drywall repair,

Kitchen Cabinet Painting,

Door And Trim Painting 

And Much More


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