How To Make Your Home Look High-End

Today I’m going to be sharing with you 10 reasons your home might be looking unaesthetic. Now I am guilty of making some of these design mistakes myself. You might be making them too and not even realize. So I’m going to be sharing with you some design tips. On ways to improve your home, make some minor changes to make it look that much more high-end.

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What Light Fixtures should you avoid?

If you have these “boob lights around your home, it’s giving off a dull vibe and builders put them in all the time.

It’s a very affordable light fixture and might be practical but does it give off a high-end look?

No, boob lights just give off this kind of dated eighties, nineties look, and it’s just out.

So if you can make a little upgrade to your home by switching out those lights for something a little bit more statement, a little bit more modern, something that stands out as a design feature.

That will take your home to the next level.

Your new light fixtures do not have to cost a lot.

You can get a ton of great affordable options on Amazon.

This is something everyone can do in their home.

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, switching out lights does not damage anything.

It’s not a major change, but it really goes a long way.

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Cords everywhere!

Here’s something we are probably all guilty of.

I know I am because I’m staring at it right now.

That is exposed cords.

Oh, if you have a mounted TV with a bunch of cords hanging down if your desk has a million chords coming down from it, your space is looking cluttered.

There are some things that you can do to hide your chords.

There are cord concealers that are actually paintable, so you can run all your cords down a wall and paint that concealer the same colors are well.

That way it’s more hidden, a little bit more seamless.

You can also completely hide your chords by putting them behind the drywall.

This is something a little bit more difficult to do.

I wouldn’t call it renter friendly because you’re putting holes in the wall to string your cords through and pull out the bottom so that they’re completely hidden from it.

If you have the option to do that, I highly recommend it.

It goes a very long way, but if not, you can get cord concealers.

You can run them down your wall.

You can run them down, coroners, hide them in wall trim.

There are so many ways to kind of conceal the look of them and make your home look tidy, cleaner, and more High-end.

What Furniture Will Make My Home Look Luxurious

I’m always looking for amazing pieces to share with you guys, but one mistake you can make is getting too many things from Ikea.

If you have an Ikea sofa and Ikea coffee table, an Ikea console, and an Ikea media unit, everything is from Ikea your home is going to look tacky.

It’s going to look like the Ikea showroom, even though some of those spaces are very beautiful.

Everyone knows the Ikea pieces and it just gives off a very inexpensive vibe.

It looks high-end. If you mix it in with your other furniture pieces from other stores, your space will look that much more high-end.

Look Around

So look around at your space.

If you have maybe more than three Ikea furniture pieces, all in one roomy our space might be looking a little less luxurious.

Now the same thing goes for matching furniture sets.

If you walk into an Ashley’s, the brick, La-Z-Boy and you pick out a matching furniture set, your home is going to look blah.

The way to get a designer high-end look is to mix furniture, pieces, mixed color texture pattern, and create a very diverse, unique, and structured look to your space.

This can even go as far as getting a sofa with a mixed matched Ottoman, a lot of sectionals sofas come with a matching Ottoman.

Sometimes they don’t even come with it and they just offer it to you and people say yes.

Say no and choose a different one to bring in a new texture, a new color, and a new style.

It will make your space so much more high-end by just making that one minor change.

If you have matching furniture sets in your home, you can take one furniture piece from one space, move it to another, and that room no longer has a matching set in it.

You can improve the look of your home very easily without spending a dime.

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What Wall Art Should You Put Up?

All right, now let’s jump into wall art.

Sometimes wall art can be the reason your space looks standard.

If you were picking the very typical pieces from Ikea, from the home sense that we’ve all seen,
we all know they’re from there, then it’s just instantly making your space look a little less high-end.

So I highly recommend staying away from mass-produced artwork.

I think home goods has beautiful artwork.

You kind of have to sift through it to find the more unique pieces.

I specifically like their framed artwork there.

What’s So Special About The Framed Pieces?

Some of their framed pieces actually have beautiful fabric inside that’s very unique.

Maybe a beautiful print or photography or You can buy some original artwork from local artists.

I would say those are great to choose from.

The same thing with Ikea they’re large canvases that have been around for, I think too long that everyone has had everyone has seen.

They’re very affordable for a large piece, but I think you can do something different to bring your space together.

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How To Arrange Your Furniture

Another reason your home might be looking standard is just simply your furniture placement in your bedroom.

If your bed is pushed up against the wall in a corner for some reason, that’s just giving off a low-budget kind of dorm room vibe.

If you center your bed with two nightstands on either side, create that symmetry, that kind of hotel look, and your space will look more high-end.

Even if you’re using the most affordable furniture pieces, making that one change will improve so much more.

Spacing Your Living Room

The same thing goes for your living room.

If you have sofas and chairs and everything pushed up against the walls to create more space, it’s making your space look plain.

I say when you can bring your furniture off the walls, anchor your furniture on a rug, create some flow around the space and create a really unique furniture layout.

That will instantly upgrade the look of your space without spending anything at all.

painted walls with ceiling paint

What Is The Perfect Size Rug?

Now, when you’re pushing your furniture around and creating those new furniture layouts, make sure that you anchor your furniture on the correct size rug.

Rugs that are too small, rugs that are too big, rugs that are the wrong shape are going to make your space look cheap, especially if your rug is too small and it’s floating in the middle of your room and not anchoring anything.

The point of the rug is to create comfort, to expand the look of your space, and anchor all of your furniture on top of it.

If you can get at least the front two legs of your furniture pieces on that. You’re safe and you most likely pick the right size.

Dining Room Rugs

When it comes to dining room rugs, make sure that you can pull the chairs out all the way and the chairs still stay on the rug.

In a bedroom make sure that your rug isn’t just floating at the end of the bed, anchor underneath the bed, make sure that it expands past your bed and lines up with or goes a little bit further than your nightstands.

That will be the right size rug for your space.

If you love your rug and it is too small, always know that you can just add another rug underneath.

You can create a layered look using a flat woven rug and laying your rug on top.

That way it kind of gives off a designer look.

You can keep the rug that you love and you can make it look planned out and make it look like it’s the right size.

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First Impressions

Now, speaking of first impressions, entryways, something that’s just instantly making your home look messy, right?

When you walk through the door is your messy cluttered shoe rack.

If you can get closed storage, like a bench that has storage underneath, or the amazing shoe cabinets that are super slim, don’t take up a lot of space, but they hide your shoes away in your front closet.

Trust me, This is something that will make a major change to your home.

Other Things To Avoid

Lastly, If you have tapestries and twinkle lights in your home, it’s going to look inexpensive.

I know that’s like a college vibe hanging a tapestry and string lights.

Twinkle lights should never be inside unless it’s Christmas and tapestries just kind of give a loose put together look.

It’s kind of a Bohemian look, but you can definitely achieve that Bohemian style in a different way.

I would offer more boho artwork and maybe candles and lamps, things that will add mood, lighting, and atmosphere in a different way.

Let me know down below in the comments, which one of these design mistakes are you guilty of? Maybe there are multiple that you’re guilty of, but let us know down below. I’m sure we can all relate!

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