How To Patch A Hole In Drywall

Patching holes in drywall is not that complicated. You can do it the traditional way by cutting and installing a new a piece of drywall, you can buy ready made patches or you can make your own “california patch”.

How To Patch A Hole The Traditional Way

Step 1: Measure the hole in the wall and add 1 inch to each side vertically and horizontal. This will ensure that you avoid broken pieces on the inside and give it extra support.

How to patch a hole

 2: Cut out a piece of drywall to the desired size. Make sure your piece has the same thickness of the drywall you are repairing.

 3: Place your cut piece over the hole and trace it along the edges using a pencil.

how to patch a hole in sheetrock

 4: With a utility knife cut along your lines using just enough pressure to cut through the paper layer of your drywall but not pushing too hard or else you will risk causing more damage.

 5: Remove excess pieces by pushing inwards. Be cautious again not to apply too much pressure and avoid causing extra damage. (Use your utility knife to clean up your cut edges as good as possible)

 6: Add a piece of wood from the inside as a support. I am using a regular paint stirrer but you can use any solid piece of wood. To tighten the wood I used 1 1/4 drywall screws.

patch a hole in sheetrock

Step 7: Apply drywall compound with a small putty knife making sure you cover all screws and edges entirely then spread it with a larger putty knife removing all excess compound. It is not necessary to apply too much compound just enough to cover everything as you will have to repeat this step. Let it dry overnight.

hole in wall patch

Step 8: With a medium grit sanding block and a vacuum cleaner you can sand down your compound and avoid it getting too dusty. Your patch should be somewhat smooth now. Add another layer of the compound using step 8 but this time it will only be a light skim coat to fill in whatever you did not get with the first coat. You can repeat this step until you reach your desired finish.

hole sanding

 9: Your wall is ready to be painted now. Be sure to use a coat of PVA primer (any cheap primer will do) before painting over your patch or else you will have color flashing.

How To Use A Drywall Patch

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