I Tested Benjamin Moore Scuff X- Check Out This Video!

The benefit of Benjamin Moore Scuff X paint is that is washable and durable. It was designed to be used in high-traffic areas and commercial buildings. 

However, you can use this paint for residential interior painting as well.

scuff x paint

Benjamin Moore Scuff X

If you want to improve your home and maximize the longevity of your paint then check out this premium paint.

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What Is Scuff X?

Scuff X paint is part of Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec line.

It is a specially formulated paint to uphold scuff marks in high traffic areas.

Additionally, it is one-component latex paint that when fully cured is easy to wash and almost scuff resistant.

How To Apply Scuff-X?

There is no special application needed for this paint.

It can be applied just like any other latex paint.
A 3/8 inch microfiber roller works great.

It is a bit thicker in consistency and needs to be applied promptly.

I suggest keeping the room temperature between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Scuff X dries pretty quickly.

If your room is too warm then you risk stippling so try not to do multiple passes over the same spot while painting.

Does It Smell Bad?

Scuff X paint has Low VOC and admits some smell during application.

However, it is not worse than regular Ultra Spec or ProMar if you are a Sherwin-Williams product person.

In most cases that we have used it at 518 Painters, the smell was gone the next morning.

What Does Scuff X Paint Cost?

As of right now, the average retail price of Scuff X is between $60-$65 per gallon.

It has good coverage and good hide so in most cases you will only need 1-2 gallons for an average room of 120 square feet.

If you are painting over a darker color then you might have to consider priming the walls first.

White Scuff-X does not hide previous colors well so one coat of white primer is a good idea to use.


The only negative thing I can say is that the sheen is a bit higher than with other paints.

An Eggshell finish in Scuff X looks like a Satin finish in Ultra Spec and a matte is not a true matte.

It is a slight difference but overall not a deal-breaker.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for durable, washable, and long-lasting paint for high traffic areas then Scuff X paint is worth it.
It is great for daycares, gyms, facilities, stairwells, mudrooms, and any areas that usually take a beating.
I have my entire home including my office and our workshop painted in Ultra Spec Scuff X and am very impressed.

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