Painting Wood Paneling

Painting Wood Paneling

Today I’m going to show you how to paint a room with planking or wood paneling. Planking and paneling are easy to paint but it’s time-consuming to do correctly. Fortunately, you don’t need any power tools or DIY experience for this project just a lot of patience. It’s the perfect beginner project and a great way to improve your home value with a little
time and elbow grease. Whether your planks are paneling, real wood, or a 1970s special.

how to paint wood paneling white before and after

Can You Paint Wood Paneling?

There are three mistakes that people often make when painting paneling.

First, not prepping the walls properly can produce problems with the
paint chipping or flake off.

Second, not priming properly can lead to bleed through.

Third not getting the right amount of paint into the cracks between the planks if you are trying to paint wood paneling with grooves.

Too little causes an uneven finish while too much paint causes drips.

But don’t worry I’m going to walk you from start to finish on how to paint wood paneling or planking the right way so that it will last.

Let’s get started!

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