Free Website For Painters

I can not stress the importance of having a website for a painting business. Having return customers and referrals is great but not always reliable. Getting cold calls from potential customers constantly all year is not easy if you do not have an online presence.

You need a website for a painting business!

Nowadays everybody is looking for services on Google. And if your painting business does not have a website on Google you will not be found!

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Having a professional website built can be costly. Usually, it will cost you around $3000 (US) up to $25K and more.
It is worth it, in my opinion, to invest $3k in a money-making machine that will pay for itself.
There are free drag and drop options such as where you can easily build your website with little skills needed.
However, most free website builders will not have an SEO impact that will help your website rank higher than your competitors.
SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

How To Get A Wbsite For A Painting Business

WordPress is another free website builder that uses “plugins” that help you create a website even if you have no design background.

WordPress is used by websites such as Amazon. eBay, Coca-Cola, and Nike, to name a few.
Although the website itself is free you will have to still purchase a domain name and a hosting service separately.

The domain name for your website would be the website’s name, (your business name).com.

And the host for your website would be the actual home where your website lives.

The host makes sure your website does not crash and is always visible online for potential customers.

A good WebHost is Bluehost.

They have a 24-hour live chat available, so there is always someone available to help you with your website just in case there is ever a problem.

If you are not technically inclined but need a website for a printing business then you should check out this option.

It is a Free, ready to go, a website that is already built.

All you need is a domain name and hosting provider.

You can get that free website for a painting business set up here.

bluehost small

How To set up your webhost

In just a few simple steps you will be able to get a domain name and set up your hosting.

Go to and click on “Get Started” 

Then pick a plan that suits you.

If you only plan on having one website then the basic plan is perfect.

You can always upgrade in the future if need be.

bluehost plan

Next, enter your website name and click next. 

If it is available you will be able to proceed.

Hosting Plan Settings

While filling out your information click on the drop-down box and change the plan from 36 months to 12 months. 

Unchecked all of these boxes in the next section.

They will be checked by default.

But you will not need these options because they will be added on for free with WordPress.

bluehost checks

Finally, type in your payment information and check the box agreeing to the terms. 

Proceed to check out and follow the instructions.

Congrats, now you registered your domain name for your website!

Building Your Website

Now you are ready to build your website or have one built for you.

It can get a bit time-consuming working on a website so if you have the opportunity to outsource it then I would suggest you do so.

You can have a Free fully functioning website with a homepage, about us page, gallery, and a contact us page by simply signing up here.

This is how I first started and eventually added on as I grew.

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