518 Painters are your highest rated Professional Interior Painters in Albany NY.

In addition, we are locally trusted and family owned and operated.

We take great pride in everything we do and it shows with each completed project. 

Our goal is it to deliver an outstanding customer service experience.

It starts with answering the phone

The majority of our customers tell us that out of 5 interior painters in Albany NY, we are the only company that either answered the phone or attempted a callback

That can be very frustrating to s customer that is looking for a painting contractor to paint their home. 

Because we are aware of this we make it our priority to reach out to any potential customers.

Unlike many painting companies in Albany NY, we specialize in interior painting only. 

Therefore we are able to deliver the best quality for any interior painting needs to all of our customers. 

We firmly believe that if we dedicate all of our time to working and perfecting our craft, we are able to outperform our competitors. 

We would rather be known as the best dedicated interior painters in Albany NY rather than the interior painters that do a little bit of everything.

The Secret To Our Success 

Communication is key to every successful project.

A lot of times we work with customers that are not very experienced when it comes to painting. 

They are just looking for a contractor to help them get the job done right.

That is why we educate our customers whenever it is needed. 

We want to make sure that our customers are happy with the results and they refer us to friends and family that are looking for interior painters in Albany NY.

We offer free estimates with no obligation to all our potential customers. 

When you call 518 Painters, we will schedule an appointment that works around your schedule.

There we will do an initial walkthrough and go over everything that needs to be done. 

During our walk-through, we will discuss a strategy with the customer and come up with the right solution for their needs.

Every job is different and we take a unique approach to each one. 

The most common questions are the following:

How Do You Repair Drywall?

Whether it be your walls or ceiling that are damaged, we will come up with the right solution to fix it. 

In most cases, we will patch any holes with either a piece of sheetrock or a drywall patch kit.


Once it is patched we then sand and prime the repaired area before painting it. 

The important part is to prime and seal it to ensure an even finish when applying paint.

What Causes Stress Cracks?

Stress cracks in drywall are usually caused by poor in installation, moisture or settling of your home’s foundation. 

If not taken care of properly then you most likely will see them reappear in a few weeks.

How do you fix Stress Cracks?

To prevent stress cracks from coming back we use a method that has proven to work for us on many occasions. 

By cutting a V-shaped groove into the drywall (following the lines of the cracks) we are able to provide a proper bonding possibility for the joint compound that we use to fill the groove.

What Causes Nail Pops

Nail pops will usually be found in new construction and are considered a minor cosmetic issue.

Nail pos are caused by shrinking of the wood which then pushes the nails out. 

This usually only happens one time and the repairs are not major.

How Do You Fix Nail Pops?

We usually cut the drywall and remove the existing nail. 

Then we use two 1 inch and a quarter coarse drywall screws and drive them into the studs to fasten the drywall. 

We then proceed to patch the hole and the screw heads with joint compound. Once that’s dry, we sand and prime the repaired area before painting.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use?

We generally use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint. We mainly work with Colorize in Clifton Park


They are an independently owned Benjamin Moore Store that offers free color consultations. 

They are fairly new but have already become the favorite store for a lot of interior painters in Albany NY.

What Sheen Should I Paint My Walls?

Generally, we use an Eggshell or Satin finish. It is great for most rooms and it is washable. 

We recommend it for kitchens, bathrooms and if you have kids in particular.

If you are trying to sell a house then we suggest a flat or matte finish because it hides imperfections more than higher sheens do. 

It has more pigments and will, therefore, cover more surface. 

That in return will save you more money. 

The downside is that it is very difficult to clean without removing paint and is not suggested in a high traffic area such as foyers, hallways and with kids.

For small bathrooms that don’t have great ventilation and collect moisture easily, we suggest using a semi-gloss finish

It will help prevent water from getting into your drywall and causing mildew or even mold to grow. 

We mostly use it for trim because it is very durable and easy to clean when scuffed up.

There are much more options and factors to consider when choosing the right sheen but these are the most common ones that we experience.

All professional painters in Albany NY should be able to provide their customers with this information and educate them about all products and procedures.

The Benefits Of Our System

Once we have all of this information we reach out to our paint suppliers and come up with a list of products that are best for each individual project. 

The goal is to find the best quality finish for the most budget-friendly price.

After everything is signed off on by the customer we begin our work. 

At the end of each workday, we reach out to the customer to give them a quick update. 

Upon completion, we do a final walkthrough with the customer to ensure everything meets their expectations.

Routinely we will do follow-up call within 90 days of our completed project. 

Just to make sure that everything is still up to par, and if there are any touch-ups that need to be done we will take care of those.

If you are looking for trusted interior painters in Albany NY then contact 518 Painters today and schedule a Free/ No obligation estimate.

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