How To Paint Over Peeling Paint

How To Paint Over Peeling Paint

If you want to paint over peeling paint you will need peel off as much as you can, unfortunately. The reason being is that if your paint is peeling that means it is not adhering to the surface. This can be caused by a chemical bond failure or a mechanical bond failure.  Once you peeled as much paint as possible, either by sanding or by using a Spackling knife, you can seal the rest. Using a problem surface sealer you can encapsulate the rest of the paint and stop further peeling.

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What is peel stopping primer?

This special formulated primer is a thick primer that has the consistency of pudding almost. It is milky white and dries clear. It acts like glue once fully dried and cured. A good option is Zinsser Gardz. It is fairly low priced and works wonders.
At 518 Painters we use it to lock down peeling wallpaper whenever we are unable to remove it entirely.
You will, however, need to do a skim coat or 2 of drywall Spackle or else your topcoat will have a texture.

paint over peeling paint

painting over peeling exterior paint

It is a bit easier with exterior. Once you scrape off any peeling or chipping paint you can glue it down with a peel bond. A peel bond primer acts as a glue as well and will stop any chipping or “gator skin” from further occurring.

fresh paint peeling off the wall

If you just painted your walls and are wondering why the paint is coming off then there might be one of the following examples occurring.

1. You just painted your walls and the paint did not have enough time to cure.
Paint might be dry to the touch but it takes up to 30 days to fully cure.
Also, if your room is humid or if it is raining outside then that might prolong the drying and curing time

2. You did not check if the previous paint might have been an oil-based paint most commonly found in older homes.
It can also be found in a lot of new homes. Mostly on trim, stairs and doors.

You can do a simple test by rubbing nail polish remover or acetone on the surface. If the paint rubs off it is not oil-based.coming

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