How To Paint Over Gloss Paint

paint over gloss paint

If you want to paint over gloss paint you will need to prepare the surface first. A glossy finish will need to be scuffed up. It is very dense and slick. Therefore you will have to provide a bonding opportunity for your painting. Scuffing up the surface with 220-grit sandpaper will give your topcoat enough … Read more

How To Paint Over Tile

how to paint over tile

If you want o to paint over tile, whether it is ceramic tile or porcelain tile, you will need to prep it thoroughly.You have to be very diligent about cleaning the tiles with a wax and grease remover before lightly sanding them with 100-150 grit sandpaper to promote a mechanical bond between your primer and … Read more

How To Paint Over Stained Wood

how to paint over stained wood

If you want to paint over stained wood, whether it be stairs or kitchen cabinets, you will need to prep them first.Painting stained wood is simple by scuff-sanding the surface with medium to fine-grit sandpaper. 220 grit works great.The goal is to degloss the surface and provide a way for the primer to adhere to … Read more